Samsung CFG70 24-Inch Gaming Monitor Review



The Samsung CFG70 is a 24-inch curved monitor that is responsive and vibrant with useful features and game modes that make it ideal for gaming. It also boasts of a uniquely flexible design.

PROS:Great image quality. Fast refresh rate. Great contrast ratio
CONS: Body of display feels cheap. A bit pricey for 1080p

Samsung widens its sphere of influence in reproduction of high-quality displays by throwing its feet into the world of dedicated gaming monitors with the release of the Samsung CFG70.

This is a master piece 24-inch 1080p curved monitor that weds amazing features and an inventive design to quench the needs of hard core gamers. The monitor boasts of several firsts, it comes with a flexible stand, intuitive navigation menus, and utilizes quantum-dot technology thereby cutting above the edge of her competitors.

As curved gaming monitors trend in the market, the curved gaming monitor boasts of a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a response time of 1ms, a contrast of 3000:1 with a top of the class color reproduction thanks to its use of quantum dot backlit technology. This is a simple gaming monitor with a humble 1080p display, and a peculiar design, that hard core gamers will want to look at more closely.


The design on the Samsung CFG70 eschews the competition with the introduction of a super-flexible dual hinge that resembles a robotic arm resting on a circular base thereby allowing you to adjust the monitor to almost any position. The robotic arm allows you to tilt the display 17 degrees forward, 2 degrees backward, lower or raise it a few inches up or down, and rotate it 15 degrees to the left or right.

To add the icing on the cake, you can pivot it into portrait mode for your photo editing or twitch chat, thus giving you all the freedom to move it around to fit your needs. However, the wobbling arm makes it difficult to keep the monitor in a steady position with a minor disturbance. The base beneath glows with a blue light thanks to a small LED lighting positioned below the screen, which is also known as “Arena Lighting.” The Acer Predator X34 also features the same LED lighting, but comes with a variety of lighting effects and colors with a bigger LED strip.


The performance of the Samsung CFG70 out of the box is impressive with the ability to offer a speedy 144 Hz refresh rate for high end games thereby giving it a name among gamers. The games look fluid with vibrant and crisp images, with little to no blurring or artifacts. The monitor maintains high frame rates and has the Freesync tech at hand in case the framerates go a bit low like when playing graphic intensive games such as Battlefront or Tomb Raider.

The highlight point of the CFG70 is on its quantum dot technology, which happens to be the pioneer on curved gaming monitors. The quantum dots refers to extremely small particles responsible for the conversion of the Light from Blue LEDs into highly saturated narrow band primary colors for LCDs. This leads to better color accuracy, peak brightness and high color saturation.

The Quantum technology enables the gaming monitor to display 125% of sRGB spectrum while offering greater depths to blacks and colors and an amazing 3000:1 contrast ratio. It also offers around 70% of the Adobe RGB colored representation that is rich and fairly accurate.

The monitor also features Samsung’s motion blur technology and a VA panel. VA panels strike a balance between TN and IPS thereby offering a superb screen image performance without any backlight bleed. There are no grayish hues on images, and the blacks and shadows appear solid with decent color transitions between shades.


The connectivity department on the Samsung CFG70 is well staffed with the inclusion of two HDMI ports that supports AMD Free Sync for improved screen refresh rates ranging between 100 Hz for the CF791 to 144 Hz for the CFG70 with users’ AMD graphics cards. The compatibility eliminates screen tearing and stuttering thereby producing a uniform full-screen display. There is also a DisplayPort, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 240V power port.

The usability of the ports is super friendly with the flexibility of the monitor thereby allowing you to access them from any position. There is also a rear-facing knob that comes in handy for menu browsing and doubles as a volume switch and a power button. It also comes with in-built speakers that may only perform well in the office.

To boost their sound quality Samsung includes an audio input and output port for connecting your external high end speakers for a loud and clear sound quality to match your standards.

Display Curvature

The 24-inch display features an 1800R curvature whereby the R basically measures the total diameter would be if you joined them to make a complete circle. Considering the proximity of the eyes to the screen, the length is ideal despite the fact that the Curve is subtle.

The display comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels thereby striking a balance between quality and affordability. The monitor delivers in terms of performance with the 1080p with lightening quick response times even at maximum settings of games. The screen offers superior contrast rates when running titles such as Battlefield 4 and Overwatch thus making it an ideal companion for gamers without any significant color inaccuracy.


The Samsung CFG70 suffices as a high performing curved gaming monitor that comes into the competition to introduce the quantum dot technology. The features in this monitor spell an enjoyable gaming performance with a ultra-fast 1 millisecond response time, combined with a 144Hz refresh rate. All the bells and whistles stop at the design of this monitor and a wobbling stand even with a little bumping of the table.

Luckily, the monitor is compatible with VESA mount so you can easily do away with the flexible hinges if the wobbling persists. Alternatively, you can consider the Dell S241DG that comes with a sturdy and stable stand with a little more bucks. The 1800R curvature and 178 degrees viewing angles on this monitor are great. If you want to enjoy the new quantum dot technology in the new curved gaming monitor, then purchasing the 24-inch Samsung CFG70 will be worth your money.

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