HP Notebook 15 ba009dx Notebook Review



The HP Notebook 15 ba009dx is an affordable laptop aimed at meeting the needs of a casual gamer who enjoy playing basic titles and with less demanding tasks which will allow the system to run seamlessly.

PROS. Quad core processor. HDMI and USB 3.0 port. Quite affordable
CONS. Short battery life. Cheap build quality. Flat keyboard


The HP Notebook 15 ba009dx is notably a decent and affordable desktop-replacement laptop running on windows 10. The notebook comes with solid-yet basic features including the AMD A6-7310 quad-core processor, 4GB DDR3L RAM, and 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive. The laptop has a 15-inch display, an optical drive among other basic ports for everyday use. The system comprises of low-priced components, a common feature for laptops in this category. It however does not come any closer to the Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-575-33BM), which is our Editor’s choice. The ba009dx is a usable budget laptop that serves users with modest computing needs and wallets that is worth a long look.

Design and Features

The HP 15-BA009dx is clad in a matte-black finish, an all plastic body that makes it to feel cheap. The lid is ribbed with an HP logo at the center and lifting the lid welcomes you to a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 and an island-style keyboard coupled with a number pad.

The laptop measure 15.1x10x 0.9 inches and weighs in at 4.7 pounds making it an ideal 15-incher desktop replacement laptop. It is lighter and thinner than the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM which measures 15 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs 5 pounds. The 14-inch Dell Inspiron 14 3000 is lighter as it weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 13.6 x 9.6 x 0.9 inches. The system runs on windows 10 home. It is clear that the ba009dx does not qualify to be a companion for those always on the move because it’s too heavy and large. It can however, serve well home and office users who just want to get rid of their desktop.


The laptop is powered by an AMD A6-7310 quad-core processor clocked at 2 GHz but can run up to 2.4 GHz. It couples with 4GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM and a 500 GB 5400rpm hard drive, which is half of the 1TB HDDs we have seen in the Asus and Acer models. This combination could be underwhelming for any computer nerd, but then being a budget desktop-replacement laptop, it fits the bill. The system is clearly aimed at users with undemanding tasks including web browsing, media viewing, working with office documents and email. The hard drive can however be upgraded to a Solid state drive for faster loading of programs and booting speed. Alternatively, you may want to consider the HP 255 G5 which comes with 8GB RAM and a 128GB solid state drive.

It comes with AMD Radeon R4 Integrated graphics that supports smooth video streaming but a weakling should you want to play games such as Battlefield and GTA 5. The integrated graphics can however try to push around some less demanding titles such as Minecraft and Dota 2 in low to medium resolution and setting. It is prudent not to overburden the laptop with running any game on it and keep its lane of handling basic day to day tasks. Should you want to stick to a shoestring budget but still want to have a taste of some gaming, then considering the Lenovo Z50 could offer you that experience. The Lenovo Z50 is an affordable laptop featuring Radeon R7 graphics, 8GB DDR3L RAM and a 1TB drive. As such, it can allow you to play some games on low resolution more comfortably even though it is not an extreme gaming laptop but it is far much better than the HP 15-BA009dx.


The connectivity department in the HP 15-BA009dx includes all the basic set of ports that most students, office and home users will find sufficient. The laptop features two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port for faster transfer of data. There is an HDMI port for extending the display to HDTVs or larger monitors, an SD card reader and an audio-out jack for headphones. The laptop comes with an optical-drive for DVD/RW drive that comes in handy for writing and copying of files in discs. There is no USB Type –C port and a VGA port in the system. It is not surprising that the system lacks a USB-C port considering its price.

Internet connectivity is available via the Ethernet port for cabled connections and wireless connectivity can be accessed via Wi-Fi 802.11bgn that the laptop supports. Important to note, is the fact that there is no built-in Bluetooth.


The HP 15-BA009dx boasts of a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. The resolution is common among budget laptops thus the colors are dull when viewing still images and videos. The Asus F556UA-AB32 and the Acer E15 are also budget laptop but come with a better screen resolution of a 1920by 1080 Full HD screen. The laptop covers 70 percent of the sRGB color gamut, far below the 94 percent seen on mainstream laptops. The display is also relatively dim at 174 nits of brightness.

There is a 640 x 360 webcam on top of the display that is not quite good for video calls or skype calls due to blurry and pixelated images.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is in the  HP Notebook 15 ba009dx is comfortable and responsive. The keys are shallow with just 1.2 millimeters of travel and 71 grams of force required to press, and the cheap plastic gave them a hollow feel. On the other hand, the touchpad is all plastic and feels cheap but it suffices. It does not pose any challenge while navigating windows 10 save for some multi-touch gestures that requires more tries such as activating Cortana with three fingers.

Battery Life

The battery life of the HP 15-BA009dx is good in relation to its price tag as it offers 5 hours and 37 minutes when playing audio tracks and videos on it. This is not good news should you want to carry it around, but then its modest being a desktop replacement laptop. If you are looking for a system that can last longer, then the likes of the Acer E15 which can last 9:49 or the Dell 3558 that runs up to 8:44 could be on your shopping list. The Acer Chromebook 15 could be the best pick for road warriors with its battery capable of 14 hours and 17 minutes on the same test.


The HP 15-BA009dx is not a high-end laptop with top notch performance and neither does it claim to be one. This is a desktop replacement laptop capable of accomplishing day to day computing tasks including surfing the internet, processing word documents, emailing and spreadsheets. It is a decent laptop for users after cheap laptop capable of handling the basic tasks. If you large file compression, photo and video editing is part of work to do list, then considering the HP 255 G3 with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD could be more preferable. If you are on a tight budget and need a simple computer with modern features and value for money, then you may certainly consider the HP 15-BA009dx.

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