HP 15-ay013nr 15.6″ Full-HD Laptop Review



The 15.6 inch HP 15-ay013nr is a mid-range business laptop that offers value for money with decent features and performance. It rocks the 6th generation core i5 processor packed in a lightweight design.

PROS: 128 GB Solid state drive. Solid performance. A full HD 1080p display
CONS: No backlit keyboard

HP continues to turn the technology wheel with the release of laptops with a powerful configuration, without compromising o the design elements. A case in point is the HP 15-ay013nr, a powerful daily performer with top-of-the-line hardware that comes at a budget friendly price.

The laptop is a quick rejoinder to the HP 15-ay011nr that seemed to stumble on the hardware with the inclusion of a mechanical drive that is slow compared to a solid state drive.

The ay013nr replaces the 1TB hard drive seen on its predecessor with a 128GB SSD and maintains the Skylake generation Intel Core i5 processor, a full HD screen and 8GB of RAM all packed in a light weight design. This is a boost to midrange entry level desktop replacement laptops as the system is capable of handling all day to day tasks without stuttering.


The HP 15-ay013nr boasts of a well built up quality and pleasing aesthetics despite the fact that it isn’t any thinner than most of the competitors in this category. It has an aluminum finish and a brushed metal design that does not lave fingerprints or smudges when closing or opening it for use. The laptop measures 10.02 x 15.12 x 0.95 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds which is similar to what most of the 15.6-inch laptops weigh. You won’t lose a lot of calories by carrying it around the office or to school to complete your assignments so no much worries considering what it offers.


The laptop is powered by the 6th generation Intel core i5-6200U processor clocked at 2.3GHz that can run up to 2.8GHz and 3MB L3 cache. The processor is based on the 14nm Skylake Micro Architecture thus making it energy efficient and it is among the best bargains that you can get in a mid-range laptop. The processor also supports Intel based technologies including hyper threading and virtualization for various improvements in performance.

The processor combines with 8GB DDR3 SDRAM to offer an excellent performance in handling different tasks such as simple home and office application tasks and demanding programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Light room. If you need more power, then the HP 15-ay018nr will close that gap for you as it comes with a more powerful processor, Intel core i7-6500 dual core processor. This system will however set you back a few more bucks but it will be worth the investment.

In terms of storage, the laptop comes with 128 GB solid state drive that will guarantee you quick boot times and loading of programs. This is an improvement to what we saw in its predecessor the HP 15–ay013nr that came with a massive 1TB 5400 RPM that offers plenty of storage space but very slow when it comes to booting and loading of programs.

Some may argue that the 128 GB storage provided is not enough, but if you want to maintain the speeds and forge for more space, then the HP 15-ay018nr will be an appropriate choice as it comes with 256 GB SSD. Alternatively, you can buy an external hard drive to keep all your music, photos, movies and files.

The Laptop is not a gaming monster as it comes packed with an integrated Intel HD graphics 520 GPU that cannot handle demanding games. It can however handle some of the latest titles at low settings and resolution thereby offering an enjoyable experience to casual gamers. For instance, playing Grand Theft Auto will give you around 25 FPS with low settings and a resolution ofn720p. If you need to take your gaming experience to the next level while keeping the price low, then the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK will get you covered.


In terms of connectivity options, the laptop features two USB 2.0 ports and a single 3.0 USB port for super speed transfer of data and connecting with other peripherals. There is a headset jack and an HDMI output port for extending the display to bigger screens such as monitors and HDTVs. However, you will be disappointed if you to connect the laptop to your old monitor through VGA since it does not come with one.

You will also find a DVD burner and a media card reader installed in the laptop. This is a convenient feature for those who want to go back in listening to music and watching movies playback on CDs and DVDs. Internet connectivity is possible through wired Ethernet LAN and 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless and there is Bluetooth 4.0 too.


The 15.6 inch non-touchscreen flaunts a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080p in a TN based panel. The display in these laptop is crisp and clear thanks to its anti-glare coating that enables you to work even in direct sunlight. The TN panel does not however offer wide viewing angles as witnessed in an IPS panel which offers more clarity. The color reproduction mostly remains true when looking at the screen horizontally from the side, and only the contrast and brightness significantly decrease. There is a built-in webcam with a HD resolution that makes it good for video conferencing and chatting with friends and family through Skype.

Other Features

The laptop comes with a non-backlit keyboard. The keypad is responsive and feels smooth to touch thus making it comfortable to type on it. The keyboard also includes a 10-key numeric keypad for faster crunching of the numbers. The touchpad is sometimes a bit unresponsive but purchasing a cheap wireless mouse will get you covered.  The battery on this system can offer between 5-6 hours which is good for a midrange laptop considering the fact that it comes with a full HD display.


The HP 15-ay013nr is a mid-range 15.6 inch laptop that money can buy that comes with a full HD display that offers a reliable performance. The laptop features the 6th generation dual-core i5-6200U Intel processor coupled with 8GBof RAM for handling all your basic computing tasks such as web browsing, emailing, graphic editing, casual gaming, audio and video streaming.

The inclusion of a 128 GB solid state drive in this laptop makes it a better choice over its iteration the HP 15 ay013nr which comes with a 1TB hard drive. The highlight point of this laptop remains on this Full HD 1920×1080 resolution that is above the basic 1366×768 we are used to on mid-range laptops.

This HP is good for all users save for serious gamers who should look upwards and consider systems such as the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK that comes with a dedicated GPU compared to integrated Intel HD 520 Graphics GPU it offers. All said, the HP 15-ay013nr is an excellent midrange desktop replacement laptop that is worth to top your shopping list.

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