Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-7359BLK-PUS Review



The Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-7359BLK-PUS combines some great features including a full HD display and a good battery life for everyday performance and it is reasonably priced.

PROS: Attractive design. Smooth 1080p gaming. Affordable

CONS: No USB Type-C port.

As gaming continues to become popular by the day, the gaming enthusiasts need gaming laptops that can quench their thirst without breaking their bank. Manufacturers such as Dell seem to have mastered the art of meeting the customer’s needs with affordable yet reliable gaming laptops. A case in point is the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-7359BLK-PUS which is a mid-range 15.6″ Gaming Laptop.

The Dell Inspiron  comes with standard features including the Kaby Lake Intel core i7-7700HQ processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 128GB SSD plus 1TB 5400 RPM hard disk. There is a GTX 1050 graphics card packed in between there to get you going when handling a number of games. The gaming capabilities of this laptop are worth having a closer look.

Design and Features

The laptop features a nice dark grey finish with some sprinkles of red. The design gives the laptop a premium look despite the fact that it does not clad in anything from the Alienware design that is common among gaming laptops.

The Dell Inspiron 500 series measures 0.43 x 15.7 x 0.99 inches and weighs 5.7 pounds that makes it a bit bulky to carry around. This however, should not be a problem considering the fact that it is gaming laptop so you wouldn’t have to move with it up and down. The system has a bottom-mount keyboard that is red backlit with comfortable keys to type on. There is also a 10-numeric pad and a responsive trackpad.

There is a 74Whr-Li-ion, 6-cell battery in this system. The battery capacity is not something that Gaming laptops boast about. The scenario is similar here as you will expect to get around 2 hours of gaming before the juice runs out. But then I you are web surfing, you have up to 4 hours of usage time before plugging it in to recharge.


Under the hood, the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-7359BLK-PUS house the 7th generation Intel core i7-7700HQ processor. The processor comes with 2.8GHZ base clock speeds that can run up to 3.8 GHZ with turbo boost technology. The quad-core processor offer unmatched performance capable of handling all the tasks thrown at it. As such, you can be sure of running your power demanding programs such as Photoshop for photo editing.

The processor is coupled with 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 memory that is enough to keep you going. Many computer geeks will want to push this memory to greater heights. If you know a thing or two about computers, then you can upgrade the memory by adding another chip on the free slot. Important to note is the fact that the maximum expandable memory is 32GB. This is more than enough for any computer geek out there. Therefore, this memory gets you covered for your everyday multitasking and playing of games.

In terms of storage, you will have a massive 1 TB 5400RPM hard disk to take care of all your files and other documents. If you feel disappointed by the inclusion of an HDD, all is not lost as there is a 128GB Solid state drive that will make sure the system loads and boots faster. The SSD technology does not come with any moving parts like SATA thus capable of producing much faster read and write times.


The highlight feature of this system is its gaming capability. The Dell Inspiron is compatible with most of the modern titles thanks to the inclusion of a dedicated GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5) Graphics card installed. As such, expect decent frame rates even when on higher settings and resolution for most of the games.

Playing games such as Battlefield 4 and GTA 5 the system can deliver +60FPS at a resolution of 1080 p and high settings. Games such as The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 will get you 40FPS. Notably, the graphics card does not support virtual reality.

The system is capable of running cool and quietly thanks to the presence of efficient large vents with 186 thermal fin, two cooling fans and three exhausts. As such, you will play your games without any interruptions while your palms will always keep cool.


In terms of connectivity, the Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-5335BLK-PUS features three USB 3.0 ports for faster transfer of data from your other devices. Amazingly, there is no USB 2.0 port in this laptop but on the downside it does not feature the latest USB Type-C port. There is an HDMI output port to allow you extend you’re your display to an extra monitor or HDTVs and enjoy playing your game on a large screen or watch your movies. There is also a Headphone jack and a Kensington Security Lock.

Many manufacturers are moving away from DVD burners, and the laptop carries this legacy as it does not include one. Perhaps, this helps in making it relatively portable and keeping in touch with the changing technology of using external hard drives for carrying data. However, should you find it is necessary to use one, then you can purchase an external Optical drive to use with the Laptop. There is a media card reader that supports MMC and SD type cards that will allow you to transfer your data from phones and cameras.

Internet connectivity is available in this gaming laptop as the Dell comes with an RJ-45 Ethernet port for those who prefer cabled internet connection.  Wireless connectivity comes by way of an Intel 3165 Wi-Fi card that supports 802.11ac 1×1 dual-band standard. There is also Bluetooth 4.2 that will allow you to connect with compatible devices for local transfers.


The 15.6-inch laptop features a Full HD display with a resolution 1920x1080p and an IPS panel that offers a viewing angle of 178 degrees. The non-touchscreen display has an average brightness of 220 nits with NTSC 45 percent colors. We did not expect a touchscreen here, one because it is of no use when it comes to gaming and secondly because it comes with an anti-glare screen hence no support for touch.

You will get a webcam located on the bezel at the top of the display capable of capturing 720pn videos at 30 frames per second. So when you are not into gaming, you can make video calls via skype and chat with your friends and family. The 720p is also relatively good for taking some photos especially if you are a selfie enthusiast.


The Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-5335BLK-PUS is a mid-range gaming laptop with decent capabilities. This is a balanced device that you can run most of your games on it without any fear of slowing down. The features packed in this system including the Intel core i7-7700HQ processor, 8GB RAM and GTX 1050 is a good combination for the price. However, should this feel a bit pricey, dell gets you covered with a cheaper model that comes with 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor and a 256 Solid State Drive.

The Dell Inspiron 5000 Series is a better replacement to the much touted Dell 15.6-inch gaming laptop thanks to its gaming capabilities. All said, if you are a gaming enthusiast who is keen on spending, you won’t go wrong with the  Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5577-5335BLK-PUS for your gaming and everyday activities.

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