ASUS VS247H-P 23.6″ Full HD Monitor Review



The ASUS VS247H-P is a 23.6-inch display that utilizes the LED technology to bring forward a thinner, lighter and higher performing monitor for everyday use.

PROS: Reasonably priced. Good overall performance. Great image quality

CONS: Limited adjustability. No Integrated Speakers

The ASUS VS247H-P is a 23.6-inch display that utilizes the LED technology to bring forward a thinner, lighter and higher performing monitor for everyday use. The monitor features an all-black design with a glossy finish giving it an elegant look. The VS series monitor comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 thereby giving a full HD quality visual with the LED backlighting, which is not only brighter and more energy-efficient than traditional LCD backlighting, but also longer-lasting.

The monitor can achieve a brightness of 300cd/m2 and includes a quick response time of 2ms (Gray-to-Gray) which eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback.  It comes with a number of connectivity options including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and an audio out port capable of attaching external speakers. This is a low budget monitor that competitive gamers who seek quick response time and great image quality might want to look at.


The Asus sports a shiny, black, modern look with a round base and a forward-leaning arm with a simple minimalist design. The monitor is made of all plastic and is quite light in terms of weight and it measures 22.1 x 16.1 x 7.8 inches. It has a small round base that can perfectly fit into your working space unlike the large aluminum stand extending on the rear by 10 inches seen in the Acer Predator X34. The small base however affects the stability of the monitor thus making it to wobble even when pressing the controls at the bottom of the monitor. The stand can be tilted by 25 degrees but lacks the versatility to adjust the height but in the end you will have to find a suitable position for your monitor. Alternatively, the monitor is VESA mount compatible so you can place it on the wall to eliminate the wobbling when using the stand.


The ASUS VS247H-P comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a backlit LED that is energy efficient. The contrast ratio of the monitor is 50,000,000:1 that delivers a more defined image and comes with a 2ms response time that is quite good for multimedia and gaming. The fast response time enables the monitor ran competitive FPS games without encountering blurring, fast moving objects, ghosting effects in dark backgrounds. The performance of the monitor is outstanding when running games such as StarCraft 2 at ultra-settings. The monitor manages to keep up with the game-play without any sign of stuttering or ghosting. Equally, it produces rich colors while keeping the characters sharp and precise, a performance it maintains even when watching TV shows and HD movies.

The monitor also utilizes the Splendid Video Intelligence feature for automatic optimization of your image qualities by adjusting the color, brightness, contrast and sharpness that best fits the performance of your hardware. The monitor also comes with six presets that will allow you to adjust the on screen display to fit your watching needs. Additionally, the screen includes Smart View technology which comes in handy in adjusting the color parameters thereby eliminating issues with viewing angles of the TN panel.


Connectivity options include an HDMI port to connect the monitor with other devices such as gaming systems, cable boxes and other multimedia devices. HDMI connectivity delivers both high-definition audio and video in one streamlined cord to external monitors, projectors, and compatible TVs. There is an audio out port to plug in headsets or a pair of computer speakers for an enjoyable entertainment experience. A VGA and DVI cable are included in the box but you will have to buy an HDMI cable separately.


The ASUS VS247H-P is an impressive 23.6-inch monitor that features decent backlighting and basic connectivity options for day to day use. The monitor offers a fast response time, comes with a full HD resolution, and sports a beautiful black design while maintaining its affordability. It is a good choice if all you want is play games as it offers competitive FPS and it is great for watching movies. There is a DVI and VGA port for connecting other peripherals. The monitor offers vivid colors and wide viewing angles thus making it ideal for handling other day to day tasks. However, if you are interested on a much fast responsive monitor in this category, then you may consider the ASUS VX238H-W. All in all, the ASUS VS247H-P is a well-built monitor save for the wobbling stand that comes with a 3 year warranty to cushion you from any unexpected failures in the future.

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