Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 Laptop review



The Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 is a business oriented laptop that is designed to offer reliability, processing power and durability. The laptop boasts of an impressive battery life and some security features including a finger print reader.

PROS: Impressive battery life. Excellent port variety and selection. Finger print reader.
CONS: No USB Type-C port. No Solid State Drive

The Business Consumers receive a boost with the entry of the Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 that Asus has designed to offer reliability, processing power and durability. This comes amid a backdrop in business performance models such as the Lenovo Think Pad which has been a leader in this category for some time now.

The Asus is your normal laptop for everyday use but sports some extra perks that business users will find more useful such as performance, portability and security features. The 15.6-inch laptop comes with a Full HD display, solid connectivity options, a comfortable keyboard, a faster 7th generation Intel core i5 processor, a spacious hard disk and long battery life. It is all a business executive could as for to handle everyday productivity with features that can easily attract the average consumer as well.

Design and Features

The Asus P-Series model does not strike any elegance with its design and looks, it rather opts for a basic design sporting a matte black plastic chassis and lid. The mainstream laptops could be donned in a silver chassis and an aluminum lid but for this Business laptop it decides to keep things at the minimum.

The laptop measures 0.9 by 15 by 10.1 inches and weighs in at 5.2 pounds, which is slightly thicker than the ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54. The thickness is majorly factored in to accommodate the fingerprint reader that the laptop features. Its weight is suitable for a home or office laptop but you can occasionally throw it into your backpack and hit the road.

The full sized keyboard with a full number pad is comfortable to use should you want to type all day or enter numbers into spreadsheets. Being an affordable small business laptop, Asus omits a backlit keyboard but then this does not come as a surprise. The touchpad is also well set and supports multi-touch gestures, thus making it easier for any user who is upgrading to the latest system.

Business users value security of their information and the Asus P-series does exactly that by enhancing security with a built-in TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip and a fingerprint reader for quick log-ins to the system in just a couple of seconds.


The Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 is powered by the 7th generation core i5-7200U dual-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz with 3MB cache that can run up to 3.1GHz should need be. The Core i5 processor is rightly placed on this laptop to handle serious workloads while managing a solid balance between performance and battery life.

The memory in the Asus is enough to serve business people who want a faster laptop. It holds 8GB DDR4 24000MHz RAM with an extra slot that can allow you to expand the memory to 16 GB.  Most users will find the installed memory enough to handle everyday tasks such as web browsing, e-mailing, multimedia playback and editing of documents in word, excel and other MS office apps without any hiccups. There is plenty of storage space in this laptop as it features a 1 TB 5400 RPM hard disk. For those who don’t fancy space but want a much faster system, it is possible to replace the HDD with a faster SSD for quick boot time and loading of programs. The removable cover makes it easier to access the RAM and HDD for easier upgrades.

The laptop comes with Window 10 Home edition Operating system instead of Windows 10 pro, which is a bit surprising given that it is a business laptop. Most of the average users won’t have a problem with the home edition but then professionals who might be after connecting to a corporate network.


The connectivity options featured here include one USB 2.0 port and three USB 3.0 ports for faster connectivity and transfer of data. There is a VGA and HDMI port for extending the display to larger screens such as monitors, HDTVs and projectors. Notably, Asus omits the now popular USB-C port, which is a surprise at a time when every manufacturer want to include this feature in their latest laptops. Additionally, there is a microphone/headphone jack, an SD card reader and an RJ45 port. The inclusion of a DVD could be beneficial to some business users but its omission could have helped to keep the system as portable as possible considering the fact that many users are not keen with this feature lately.

Internet connectivity is possible by use of cabled connection through the RJ45 port whereas wireless connectivity is available through dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1. There is an Integrated Wake-on-Lan (WOL) hardware module that makes it possible to operate it remotely through LAN connection.


The 15.6-inch laptop comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with an anti-glare coating that makes it suitable for indoor use. The display misses on the IPS technology for offering wide viewing angles, but this is normally a reserve for pricier laptops. The display outputs sharp image and the screen size is big enough for business people handling various tasks such as excel spreadsheets. There is a VGA webcam on top of the display that will come in handy for video chats and conference calls.

This is not a gaming laptop, neither does it aspire to be one. The inclusion of an Integrated Intel HD 620 graphics is only suitable for productivity but does not come close to gaming.

Battery Life

Another highlight point of the Asus P-series lies on its 76 WHr battery that can last up to 9 hours. This is great for a business user who could be on the road or catching a flight but still wants to complete some assignments while on the move. The fact that it comes with a removable battery, makes things easier should you want to replace the battery the moment you run out of juice. As such, you can go all day with the Asus P-series to deliver your work.


The Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 suffices as a reliable and durable laptop for home office or small business use that delivers a snappy performance. Asus does a great job in assembling a capable laptop with a good battery life, powerful processor and a full sized keyboard for comfortable typing. The security features which include a fingerprint reader and a TPM safeguards data for professionals ensuring that it does not fall into wrong hands hence giving them a peace of mind.

The anti-glare display with a matte screen surface is good for preventing unwanted reflections and reduces eye fatigue while working on the laptop. You won’t find any pleasure playing games on this laptop with the inclusion of an integrated Intel HD 620 graphics hence it will be safe to leave it to handle only web browsing, emailing and editing of documents or easily put, let it keep its professional lane. Overall, the Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51 is a true workhorse for business users, office workers, travelers and any other average user after a system for everyday productivity.

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