Asus Chromebook C200MA 11.6 Inch Laptop Review



The ASUS C200 is a great looking laptop with a reasonable plastic finish and fit. It boasts of an impressive battery life but with a limited amount of processing power.

PROS: Runs cool and quiet. Good keyboard, trackpad and display. Plenty of ports for connectivity.
CONS: Glossy screen. Sluggish performance. Limited local storage.


The Asus Chromebook C200MA is a portable and decent 11.6 inch HD LED display budget computer. It is powered by Intel Celeron Bay Trail-M N2830 dual-core processor clocked at 2.16 GHz coupled with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

The Asus also comes with free 100GB of Cloud based Google Drive storage for 2 years. The system runs on Chrome operating system and it combines these features well to offer a snappy performance in the world of Chromebooks.

This is not the fastest Chromebook around neither does it have the best screen but its powerful battery and low price is worth writing home about.

This is a great choice for everyday computing especially for web based tasks such emailing and surfing the internet. It also serves well in editing of documents, listening to music and watching videos.


The Asus flaunts a silver and black color scheme that looks great. The matte black top and bottom lids picks up fingerprints and smudges easily hence requires a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt. It has a Chrome Logo embedded on the back of the top lid. The Chromebook measures 7.90 x 12 x 0.80 inches and weighs 2.59 pounds hence lighter and thinner than the Dell Chromebook 11.UUUU


The Asus Chromebook C200MA runs on Intel Bay Trail-M N2840 Celeron processor clocked at 2.16GHz. The system can run up to 2.58GHz with Turbo boost technology for an average performance on daily tasks.

The Chromebook can handle light multitasking such as editing documents while playing music on the background or browsing. Opening more than ten programs or tabs at the same time will make the laptop to slow down.

The BayTrail platform might not be very fast but runs cools thanks to its fanless design. The on-board Intel graphics solution is not sufficient for heavy gaming but can handle some basic gaming such as Isoball 3 at low settings.

Tasks such as photo editing and video apps will make the Chromebook to stutter but runs MOV or MKV files smoothly.

The Chromebook comes with 4GB system memory and a 16GB SSD for local storage. The storage is not enough, but as always Chromebooks compensate by providing free 100GB of Google drive online storage for two years.

You can as well supplement this by using an External USB hard drive or an SD card to keep all your files, music, photos, and videos.

The Chromebook also comes preinstalled with some basic apps for chrome such as Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Maps and Google store which allows you to download new apps of your choice.


The Asus Chromebook C200MA comes with a good selection of connection ports. It includes a USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port for high speed transfer of data. There is an SD reader to help in transferring your photos from the camera. A

n HDMI port is in place to allow you extend the display to larger screens such as HDTVs to watch your movies and videos. There is a headset jack that will come in handy in case you are travelling and you want to listen to your music or watch videos without disturbing others. A Kensington security lock slot is also available to help you secure your laptop.

Internet connectivity comes by way of Intel Wi-Fi 802.11ac that is stable and quick to connect. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 and an integrated webcam.


The 11.6 inch Asus Chromebook comes with a resolution of 1366×768 LCD display that is bright and sufficiently clear for indoor use.

However, the screen has narrow viewing angles making it to appear dim or washed out if you are not viewing it head on. Asus avoided fixing a high-quality panel perhaps in an attempt of keeping the Chromebook affordable.

If the display quality acts as turning off factor, then you should go for the HP Chromebook 11. The Chromebook comes with an IPS panel that offers wide viewing angles.

This is a non-touchscreen display that is average. If you want to experience the touchscreen life on a Chromebook then consider going for the ASUS Chromebook Flip that is also affordable.

Other Features

The battery system on the Asus is great, ideal for a Chromebook to run all day. On our battery rundown test the Asus Chromebook C200MA lasted for 11 hours and 14 minutes thanks to its power-sipping Intel Bay Trail-M platform.

The Chromebook leads the pack compared to its competitors such as the HP Chromebook 11’s 5 hours and Acer 720P’s 7 hours. The Dell Chromebook 11 comes closer with 9 hours of usage time. Therefore the Asus Chromebook is king for unplugged battery life to take you all day.

It has a standard Chromebook layout non backlit keyboard painted aluminum. The settings and navigation keys on the Chromebook replace the typical windows laptop’s F1-F12 keys. The keyboard feels comfortable when typing with a wider and deeper layout compared to the Acer 720. The multi- touch touchpad responds well.

The Asus comes with in-built speakers that produce a loud and clear sound capable of filling your bedroom or home office. It is noticeably better compared to other basic laptops on the competition. It is sufficient to play your music or watch movies without the aid of external speakers.


The Asus Chromebook C200MA is a good looking Chrome OS laptop with a solid built in quality. The keyboard, trackpad and screen on this laptop looks better than those in the same class. However, you will have to make some tradeoffs as the Intel Bay Trail-M processor is slow but it is cooler and long lasting.

If you are after a faster Chromebook then you may have to consider the Dell Chromebook 11 that has a faster processor. Being a budget Chromebook, the 1366×768 display resolution is pretty nice. The inclusion of 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage is all we would expect.

The Chromebook makes you to feel at home with the inclusion of 100GB google drive storage. All said, if you are too much into using the internet, then this is an ideal Chromebook for you thanks to its high battery capacity and affordable price.

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