Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UQHD Gaming Monitor Review



The Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UQHD Gaming Monitor offers an immersive gaming experience that many folks will find amazing.

PROS: Aggressive design. Excellent color accuracy. IPS technology
CONS: Limited port selection

The Acer Predator X34 is a sleek display monitor that will enthuse many, especially those inclined to gaming. The monitor sports an alluring aluminum bezel that makes it claim a spot among the most attractive displays available in the market.

The Acer comes with a 300cd/m brightness and a 3440×1440 pixel resolution which offers an outstanding image detailthat will keep you glued on it for hours.

The monitor also features a high 4ms grey-to-grey response time and other gaming modifications including Nvidia’s G-Sync frame-soothing abilities and a curved design for an immersive experience.

Important to note is the fact that this is not a native 100Hz monitor but rather utilizes a 60Hz panel that needs to be “overclocked” to 100Hz via its OSD.

The audio experience on this monitor is not at its best hence it will always need a home theatre, but its color reproduction makes up for that flaw. The use of an IP panel makes it possible for the monitor to deliver rich, accurate colors and crisp-gray reproduction. The high-end specifications boost the monitor to make it as our First Editor’s Choice for big screen, ultra-wide gaming monitors.

Design and Features

The Acer predator X34 sports a black and silver design with a mixture of matte and glossy plastics and some aluminum for the base. The monitor measures 14.8 by 32.2 by 4 inches (HWD) and uses a bezel-free design with a chevron-shaped pattern at the rear and a Predator logo on the front.

The aluminum v-shaped stand is relatively big compared to others in the market thus pushing the weight of the monitor to around 10kgs, with the rear stand stretching out 10-inches from the rear of the monitor. This means that you will need to give up more desk space to accommodate this big gaming monster.

The stand allows you to tilt the monitor 35 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward and adjust the height by five inches.

If you don’t have enough desk space, then the four VESA mounting holes come in handy to enable you to arm-mount or wall-mount the monitor. The curvature radius of the monitor is 3800, which means that if the monitors are placed edge to edge to create a complete circle, the circle’s radius would be 3,800mm.


The 34-inch display boasts of a 3440×1440 resolution with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology. The system is a few pixels shy of a 4K, there is 34-inches of curved IPS goodness clocked at 100Hz and in sync with a GeForce graphics card and adaptive refresh rate technology.

The X34 excels in color accuracy and the brightness/contrast with an 80 per cent Adobe RGB and 100 percent of sRGB color gamut with a perfect color replication on games, movies and photos. The latest Samsung CFG70 takes the game to another level with the introduction of Quantum dot technology that has better color accuracy, peak brightness and high color saturation.

The picture settings include Low Blue Light, Dark Boost, Adaptive Contrast, Brightness and contrast. There are also saturation settings that adjust color brightness and 6-Axis color, which allows you to fine tune color quality by adjusting the yellow, magenta, cyan, blue, green, and red intensity levels. The picture presets in these system are five including User, Graphics, Movie, Standard and Eco Mode.


The predator x34 is spot-on when it comes to performance with an impressive color accuracy. The monitor offers sharp image quality with the colors appearing rich and uniform for watching movies. The gray-scale performance is also top-notch with the IPS panel displaying every shade of gray on the DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test cleanly, without any clipped whites or crushed blacks.

The IPS panel offers wide viewing angles that eliminates loss of luminance or color shifting. The curvature design also makes you feel closer to the action compared with a flat screen and it offers a sense of increased peripheral vision while playing.

The panel comes with 4-ms gray-to-gray pixel response that keeps ghosting artifacts at bay and the default 75 GHz refresh rate offers a relatively smooth, blur-free action with minimal screen tearing. Enabling the G-Sync helps correct the tearing artifacts and makes the action more fluid. On testing, the Acer drew 49 watts of power while set to Standard mode and 36 watts when set to Eco mode.


The Acer Predator X34 contains a plethora of ports, all located on the back. The monitor features a DisplayPort (required for G-Sync) and HDMI port on the rear left for connecting the display to your PC.

There is a headphone jack and a power port on the middle of the monitor and a Kensington lock on the right for security purposes. Further to the right of the K-slot, there is a USB type B port and four USB 3.0 ports for connecting the monitor to other peripherals.

In order to make use of these, a USB cable (included) must be first run from the display to an available port on your PC. There is a small loop at the top of the stand that lets you route cables through thereby keeping cables out of your way and helps things look cleaner.

On the bottom of the curved display you’ll find nine LED lights that make up the ACER Predator X34’s under glow lighting system. The colors of the LED lights are customizable using the monitor’s On-screen display. The Under glow come in handy for those with non-backlit gaming keyboards as it helps in illuminating your keyboard.

Other Features

The X34 predator comes with two 7w speakers tuned with DTS sound falls short of the expectations but manages to produce an average sound. The placement of the speakers on the rear side is a bit of a head scratcher.


The Acer Predator x34 is a high end gaming monitor for hardcore gamers that want to take their gaming to the next level. It has more similarities with the Asus ROG Swift PG348Q which also features a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels and a curved AH-IPS panel with a maximum refresh rate of 100 Hz, supports G-Sync and a price tag that is almost identical. Despite the fact that the X34 is a gaming monitor, which can have somewhat garish designs, it looks right at home in a more serious office environment.

The stand however takes quite a bit of space hence you need a fairly large desk for the monitor to sit on. The amazing color accuracy on this monitor will excite professional designers and photographers apart from the gamers by getting their job done with the state of the art technology.

The Ben Q XR3501 is also a companion to the predator on the curved gaming arena with a bigger 35-inch display and a faster 144Hz refresh rate but comes with a lower resolution and lacks the G-sync. If you are in the market looking for pure immersion and you are ready to spend, then the Acer Predator x34 is a high-end gaming monitor that your money can buy.

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