2017 NEWEST HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Laptop Review



The 2017 NEWEST HP 15-F222WM 15.6 inch notebook is a budget touch screen notebook that packs a basic hardware to offer everyday performance without breaking the bank.

PROS: Touch screen support. Decent battery life
CONS: Low screen resolution (1366×768)

The HP 15 F222WM could easily pass unnoticed with the increased euphoria for high end features and specs laptops. But what happens when all you need is a basic laptop that handles your day to day tasks without breaking the bank? Well, this gives the HP 15 F222WM the platform to manifest its capabilities.

The 15.6 inch notebook is a budget touch screen notebook that packs a basic hardware without ringing any bells and whistles. The laptop features an Intel Pentium N3540 quad-core processor backed by 4GB of RAM to offer a reliable performance for day to day use and productivity. It includes a 500 GB 5400 RPM hard drive for storage of all your files, documents, music, movies and photos.

The 15.6-inch display comes with a HD resolution of 1366×768 pixels and an Integrated Intel HD Graphics card for playing casual games and lets you play high-definition media files smoothly with crisp graphics. This is a basic laptop for handling simple daily tasks including browsing the internet and watching HD movies that comes preinstalled with Windows 10.


When a laptop carries the budget price tag, the design is more often than not among the most hit features in a bid to keep the laptop affordable. This is true to the HP 15 F222WM as it does not exude any fancy design but packs an all plastic body clad in textured black with a silver HP logo on the lid. The laptop measures 15.18 x 10.16 x 0.89 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds which is almost similar to its counterpart the ASUS VivoBook X540SA 15.6-inch Laptop which measures 15 x 9.92 x 1 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds.


The laptop is powered by an Intel Pentium N3540 quad core processor clocked at 2.16 GHz that can run up to 2.8GHz with turbo boost technology. The processor comes with 2MB of L2 cache and it does not support hyper threading technology. It has a 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory that combines with the processor to offer a reliable performance for basic computing tasks. Overall, the Pentium processor is architecturally weak to handle any power demanding application.

If you are on a budget and looking for a laptop capable of handling spreadsheets, streaming HD Videos and movies and for photo and video editing purposes, then you may consider the Acer Aspire E5-575-33BM. The laptop features a 7th generation core i3-71000U processor which supports Hyper threading technology and a 4GB DDR4 ram that is faster than the DDR3L-1600MHz RAM on the HP.

In terms of storage, the system comes with a 500 GB 5400RPM hard drive that is ideal for a basic home user or a student on a budget. This is ample storage for keeping all your projects, documents, favorite music, videos and movies.

We did not expect a Solid State Drive on this system, but if you really need to get faster speeds for loading programs and start-times, then replacing the mechanical hard drive with an SSD will get you sorted. Gaming is not possible on this HP with the inclusion of the Bay Trail based Intel HD Graphics engine that is the slowest member of the family of integrated graphics.


The connectivity options in this laptop are kept to the basic featuring two USB 2.0 port and a single USB 3.0 port for connecting your devices. There is an HDMI and port for extending the display to larger screens such as monitors or HDTVs and has a Memory card reader (SD format) installed. It includes a DVD±RW/CD-RW optical drive, a feature that most manufacturers are abandoning.

It however lacks a VGA port and the latest USB 3.1 Type C port but we couldn’t expect much for a low priced laptop. Internet connectivity is possible by use of the 100mbps Ethernet LAN port for cable users and 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter for wireless connectivity. It however, does not support Bluetooth.


The 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768p without IPS to offer wide viewing angles. As such the screen is glossy with a reflective coating that is likely to make it difficult when working under bright lighting or outdoor. This is a common feature of budget priced laptops save for the Acer Aspire 15 E5-575G-53VG and that comes with a full HD 1920×1080 resolution display. There is a VGA webcam on top of the display that is not so good for taking photos and recording videos but comes in handy for video chats with friends and family via Skype.

Other Features

Other important features worth mentioning include the keyboard. The system packs a full sized non-backlit keyboard with a short key travel but relatively comfortable to type on. The touchpad is almost invisible as the laptop maintains the black plastic design on it save for the click buttons on the bottom that make it possible to notice its position. There is also a numeric pad that makes number crunching much easier. Stereo speakers on this system are basic but they are loud enough to listen to your music. The 3-cell battery on the system promises to offer up to 5 hours of usage time that is ideally okay for a budget priced laptop.


The HP 15 F222WM is a basic laptop that offers a pretty performance for simple day to day tasks. The laptop aims to meet the needs of casual users and students on a tight budget who are after a system capable of handling editing of documents, emailing, browsing the internet and for entertainment purposes which includes watching movies and playing music. The touchscreen on this device is rather misplaced, HP could have traded this with the Intel Pentium processor for a much powerful processor.

As such, you should be sure of your needs before going into buying this laptop since it can disappoint big time if you load it with power demanding tasks such as editing of videos and photo with programs like Photoshop. In a nutshell, the ASUS F55UA-AB32 is a better contender in this category with a superior performance and a higher quality screen that is worth your consideration.

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